TEX WOODS is situated in a 250 acres coffee plantation adjacent to Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary at Muthodi. As you enter the coffee plantations the huge Silver Oaks and towering Bamboos bowing in the wind, whisper a Sweet Welcome. The whisper of the breeze as it cuts through the trees gives you a feeling of Tranquil Bliss with unpolluted air filling your lungs, you will wonder and say "This truly is God's dream come true".  
  If serenity, nature and safari are the perfect blends for a holiday, Tex Woods is the ideal place for you. Tex Woods provides luxury and comfort.  
  The main building houses well furnished suites and rooms with all facilities and amenities. know more.....  
  You will be enamoured by the panoramic view, the rustic woods, the lush green plantations, the picturesque mountains and the exotic wild life. more.....  
Tex Woods
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